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God, Family, Country; In that order, and Oh yes, Food.  Yes, I find all of these things important in my life, I am sure that you also find them important in your life, especially the first three.

I am B.L. Miers and welcome to my website.  I hope that you find something here that is interesting.  I must admit, you might find something that might ruffle your feathers, but then again, maybe not.  We all have our unique viewpoints on life and our freedoms.  Those viewpoints are based on what we were taught and also based on our individual life experiences.

Like any good website, it needs to have some ground rules, and since it is my site, I have decided on the ones on the Join page.  

I will do my dead-level best to keep this site secure and keep the spammers out.  I check every email address, username, and IP address against an online database of spammers before granting submission access to the site.

I think that it is appropriate, that I give you a fair warning, if you get reported by someone or I find evidence of you violating rules, I will issue you a warning, put you on probation, or banish you from my site.   I have set this site as a Family Friendly Site and therefore it shall STAY!!!