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And speaking of attorney-at-law, have you heard about the fairly handsome young bachelor lawyer, in a nearby county-seat town?  This young blade had a considerable collection of socks that needed darning.

Also in this town, was a club of young ladies, of what one might call "marriageable age."  The young lawyer approached each of the single young ladies, suggesting that a pair of his socks needing attention would be issued to each seamstress; and, further, that the young lady that did the best job on his socks, would be rewarded by a proposal of marriage.  It is said that some "d-arned" fine daring was done!  However, even though the lawyer got all his socks mended free of charge, not a single, single gal, wanted to become his missus.  None of the ladies appreciated his "sneaky approach" toward matrimony.

                                                                         Luther W. Martin
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