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The above title comes from the pen of William Sharespeare.  In 1840, Charles Dickens wrote "The Old Curiosity Shop."  Many have been the second hand stores and antique shops that have appropriated the Dickens' title.  Of course Dickens himself was acquainted with just such a shop from his days of roaming London's streets.

Perhaps a major contribution to the commercial success of any kind of a shop or store, hinges upon the choice of just the right name.

For years I have attempted to note the skilled and imaginative names, that entrepreneurs have selected for their business efforts.

The most recent store name that I've stumbled across, is a secondhand book store in South Carolina, with the charming and attractive designation "Twice-Sold Tales."  Obviously and appropriately, the name is derived from Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1837 publication of "Twice Told Tales."

One of the most shocking, striking, or astonishing (depending upon from where you view it), is found in a Colorado community.  It's called the "Hog's Breath Saloon."  Now, I must hasten to admit and confess that I have not done my research on the breath of hogs!  Possibly the breath of a hog (hawg, in some circles), would, as they say 'knock you down.'  And, I must comment, that I have encountered saloon customers whose breaths are definitely in the category.  I wonder?  In what manner does the business name "Hog's Breath Saloon,"  attract or appeal to customers?  I really can't imagein that the typical 'happy-hour' customer wants his/her breath to match that of a swine.  Who knows?  It might just be that the current trend toward the "Macho, he-man atmosphere" is the air to be imparted?

Then, also in Colorado, there's what I would describe, as a steakhouse, with a dance floor provided.  It is designated as "The Steak & Stomp."  Now, some way I can't think of this establishment as encouraging the "Tripping of the Light Fantastic."  Nor can I agree that applying the term "Terpsichore" is necessarily approprriate in describing the type of toe-tapping practiced therein.

In Missouri, there's an entertainment bureau, called "The Magic Man Klamm."  I presume that Mr. Klamm is the "Magic Man" and that the idea came from a line in The Candy Man; i.e., "The Candy Man can."  It's really rather clever, don't you think?  Business names that rhyme, or have a repetitive sound, include a candle-maker's shop "Wick N Sticks; an outdoor adverttising firm "The Yard Card;" and a number of beauty shops, using "Snip & Clip."

Speaking of beauty shops.  I don't know whether beauty operators are more creative, or perhaps there's just more of them, but the variety of takeoffs on the use of the word "hair" are almost overwhelming.  For example, there's "Hair Affair,"  "Hair by Design," "_______'s Hair Hut," "Hair Today & Gone Tomorrow," "The Wild Hair," "Hairberddashery," "The Hair Force," and finally, with a play on flipping a coin, a shop offering manicures "Heads or Nails."

There is no limit to the creativity that can be shown by the meditative and thoughtful business person.  Have you heard of the one about the three doughnut shops, located on the same street, in a metropolitan area?

The first shop operator decided that he could secure a greater portion of doughnut sales, with a sign which read: "Best Doughnuts in Town!"

Not to be left behind, the next doughnut shop down the street, also erected a sign: "Best Doughnuts In The Country!"

This left the third baker of doughnuts on that street, putting up:  "Best Doughnuts In This State!"

Now, the guy who started it all , took his first sign down and reworded it:  "Best Doughnuts In The Nation!"

The second shop owner then reworded his:  "Best Doughnuts In The World!"

Number three comes back with "Best Doughnuts In The Universe!"

There is no way, no way, Brother, that baker number one can geographically "out-brag" the last claim made!

The final sign that baker number one worded, read: "Best Doughnuts On This Street!"

He Simply "out-thought" his competition!

                                                               Luther W. Martin
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